Why take a Living DNA test?

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Where did you come from? Where are your roots?  Who are your ancestors? Being inquisitive about these questions is very natural. Now you have an easy way to find out more details about your roots and ancestors. Living DNA is one of the companies which are successfully able to do this for you. These days many people are showing interest in these DNA test to get closer to their family and ethnic roots. Therefore, DNA testing is gaining popularity in few parts of the world.   Living DNA is great research company for you to know more about to family and genetic roots. Living DNA test provides very close to accurate genealogical DNA testing results. Our genes/DNA tells a story about where and how our genes travelled through the history. You might get surprising results from Living DNA test about your gene pool. You might find out new connections to distant family that you were never aware about.  

How to take a Living DNA test?  Though the whole concept of Ancestry DNA testing might come across as a very complicated procedure, it is not that difficult to get a Living DNA Test. After you have decided to get an Ancestry DNA test, you have to go the Living DNA website to order a Living DNA test kit. The kit will be arriving at your doorsteps in 5 to 7 days. 

After you get your kit, you have to link the kit’s unique barcode to your account on Living DNA website. This will help you access your results and reviews on the website later.

The contents of the Living DNA testing kit would be a guide and cheek swab. The whole Living DNA test is simplified with Living DNA test kit which provides a very detailed guide with specific instructions which need to be followed while using the mouth swab.  

Put your mouth swab inside your cheek and then pack the cheek swab in a sealed vial which is also provided in Living DNA test kit. This sample needs to be mailed to the Living DNA center with the help of the prepaid shipping label given to you in your kit. 

The Living DNA test has no age bar. People from all walks of life can be tested for their Living DNA results. Even your toddlers and infants can be tested for their ancestry DNA because unlike other DNA testing companies which collect saliva through a vial as DNA sample, Living DNA test collects its samples with a cheek swab which make it very easy for you to collect the DNA of infants. 

After following the specific instructions given in the guide book, you need to send the sample back to the lab for the Living DNA test. The living DNA test results would be delivered to you in your preferred mode of communication. You can get your living DNA test results emailed to your email address or get a printed version in your mail. 

The whole process is only of few steps and everything you need for the process of collecting to mailing the sample is available for you right in your Living DNA test kit.   

How do you get your Living DNA test results: 

This is the most exciting part, finding out where you came from. It is definitely a waiting game for the results to come to your hands. It would generally take about ten to twelve weeks for your Living DNA results to arrive. 

Once your results are ready for you to see, you can log on to your account in Living DNA website to access your results. You will be notified by Living DNA through an email to your email address that your results are ready.  After you login to the website, you would be given a range of tools and files that help you understand and make sense of the DNA test results.  

Living DNA also does a personalized ancestry book just for you with your simplified Living DNA test results. This gives you a more permanent and individualized flip book you can see through or show throughout your lifetime. However, you need to shell out few extra bucks for this hand book. But the money is totally worth it because here your family tree and gene journey are in question. 

How will the Living DNA test cost you? 

The price listed on the Living DNA is $ 169; however, the price keeps changes from time to time. You need to keep an eye on the prices, as there are various discounts available few times.  This cost includes the price of the kit, shipping cost to and fro and the processing fees. 

The payment is done only one time and there are no other subscription fees or maintenance fees. With only paying once you can access your results as many times as you want.  To the base price, there are few other additional costs that add up while ordering. The shipping costs and express delivery costs are $9.95 and $ 39.95 respectively.  

Are your Living DNA results private? 

Your DNA results are your private thing. The results tell a lot about your family and roots, it is natural for you to worry about the privacy of your Living DNA test results. Living DNA is a very reputed company in the DNA testing industry. Hence, they follow a very strict privacy policy, there terms and conditions are very privacy friendly. The Living DNA test results are strictly only shared with you. 

They have a fool-proof mechanism where their own employees at the lab who are performing your DNA test will not get to see your name or other details. Your kit’s barcode will be the identification of your sample throughout the testing process. On your part, you need to keep your log in credentials of the Living DNA safe and secured. 

These results are not given or sold to any other company or organization without your consent to do so. 

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