Top 3 Hotels to Stay in Malta

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Naveed Ganatra

So you've finally shown up at Malta, and you must be looking to stay at an all-inclusive hotel for sure. Since you're in Malta, you鈥檒l find there are some great choices. If you are willing to pick ones that suit your requirements and budgets, we've come up with a list of some hotels so let's dive in;

Grand Harbour Hotel

Located at Valletta, it's a two-star hotel. Some of you would be like "why is it on the top of this list then?" Just keep in mind! It's more about getting as many luxuries as possible at the least price. And if you are amongst the frequent travelers, you would surely be concerned about saving money on a hotel so that could be spent on other things to get a better experience.

The prices at this hotel are reasonable; location is excellent, rooms are air-conditioned & clean and last but not the least, the staff is friendly and helpful. In short, if you are seeking great value for a reasonably comfortable place to stay at a great location, consider booking at Grand Harbour Hotel.

Depiro point

Experience the latest infrastructure with a large block of an apartment right at Depiro Point. At an amazingly reasonable price, you can get the self-catering accommodation. For travelers, this location is exceptionally favorable because there are some enticing tourist spots that you would love to visit Sliema and nearby St. Julian. For an Ariel view of the entire city, consider reserving the top floor apartments that offer a nice terrace and an amazing view.

It's no less than a lucrative deal to reserve at this hotel as it offers a great value for money. Moreover, you've private parking available and a friendly environment. It's a home away from home.

Although it's about Self-catering, so there would be no meals included. But not to worry at all as there is some great choice of restaurants nearby. In short, you don't have to stick to a static-hotel menu but enjoy a great variety of food from other restaurants nearby.

Soreda Hotel

Since you are looking for an excellent accommodation in the popular tourist areas of Malta, consider booking at Soreda Hotel. No wonder why people out in this world are so much Malta passport program and willing to be permanent citizens of this beautiful place.

Soreda offers a cost-effective accommodation in the areas of high demand. All the rooms in here are a big space, clean and air-conditioned. Some great perks like indoor fitness center and pools are also available.

Along with all the good amenities, you get to interact with friendly staff. Luckily, you'll be able to enjoy the seafront while staying at this hotel and just don't miss out the wide range of popular restaurants and pubs around.


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